Sunday, June 28, 2015

Blueridge Beauty Movie Review: Old Fashioned

I finally got to see this movie my college library (VIP Alumni perks...hahaha) and glad that I got to see this Christian Romance movie with my positive and negative reviews about it!! Basically, its story about when two opposites attract and slowly fall in love but both individuals have to overcome their past in order to move forward together in their future relationship!! "Old Fashioned" challenges both tradition and contemporary theories about love and relationships in Modern America!! There are plenty of highs and lows in this romance story between former frat boy Clay ( Rik Swartzwelder) and free spirited Amber ( Elizabeth Ann Roberts) in which both characters grow and stumble in this rocky relationship!

Positive Points:
Chivalry is NOT DEAD!! Old Fashioned views about Love especially the mental, emotional, and spiritual kind between a man and a woman is NOT DEAD!! Yeah :)
The Anti-50 Shades of Grey movie...came out around Valentines Day 2015 for those who wanted an alternative movie against partner abuse
Letting go of your past hurts and struggles
Being creative in your relationship
Love moments of Clay's college friend and aunt stepping in and nudging Clay in the right direction
Love Amber's character of finding and loving herself through God's love and go back to college!! (I feel more women and guy characters need to see this in romantic movies to love themselves after terrible relationships and finishing what they started is so refreshing to see!!)
Anti-porn and domestic abuse (YESS!!)

Negative Points:
This movie as some "dry" or "drag out" parts that can put you asleep or either stop watching further!! My personal view is that someone other than the actor/writer/producer/director needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at certain parts and improve it!!
Clay's actions almost cost losing Amber if weren't for his Aunt and friend intervention!! Even if Amber didn't stop (or run out of gas), Clay will still be in his little world of "theories" and guilt!!
Extreme points of view about not kissing someone, holding hands, or being in the same room of the opposite sex?!  Really?!
I had a hard time cheering for Clay...he is so boring and was clueless!!

Can I recommend this movie? "Old Fashioned" is no "Fireproof" and I feel that I won't see it again myself or suggest this to another person who wants to see a Christian Romance movie!!

Until next time!

Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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