Monday, July 13, 2015

A Glow with Candle Glow: Summer Candle Review

 Disclaimer: I purchased this candle and my opinions are my own for this review!

This weekend I was able to experience candle that was created with passionate care by Donna Harris of CandleGlow!!  Through a special, I purchased a Citronella candle to enjoy the cool summer evening with less pests!! Here is what one of her hand-poured soy Citronella candles look below: 

(Source: CandleGlow on Facebook)

Sunday evening was the most pleasant time for me to enjoy this Citronella candle on the porch! I was outside for 30 minutes and enjoyed the pleasant smell of this candle's fragrance and I literally had a "bug-free" experience!!  This is so important for me because I want enjoy cool summer time evenings without worrying about pesky mosquitoes, which carry West Nile virus, which will compromise my health condition.   

Ms. Donna has variety of artisan-crafted soy candles in various home scents to enchance the home and outdoor areas!! The designs and scents of her candles make excellent home welcoming or hostess gifts, bridal, and additional occasions!! Below is her website page to purchase her candles and support women businesses!!

 (Source: CandleGlow on Facebook)

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Disclaimer: I purchased this candle and my opinions are my own for this review!

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