Monday, July 13, 2015

Blueridge Beauty Book Review: Ruth's Journey

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After seeing the Gone with the Wind, you will noticed the one of the supporting characters as Ruth, the main household plantation slave, that always fussing with her young mistress, Scarlett O'Hara, but this authorized novel details the story of Ruth/Mammy from her childhood to being the devoted household slave on the Tara plantation. Adopted and raised by Captain Augustin Fornier and his wife, Solange, the travel from the Carribean planations to New Orleans during the social/political conflicts. When Solange gives birth to her daughter, Ellen, it was Ruth now called Mammy that raises this child who will one day marry the rough Irishman Gerald O'Hara. After this marriage, Ruth/Mammy follows the newlyweds to the Tara plantation and soon raises the next generation of O'Hara girls, including Scarlett.  I love the interesting story of how Ruth saw the world with her insight both the good and bad within the various households and how outside forces determined her outcome as slave during the pre-Civil War era in the United States. Ruth has an independent spirit despite her outward status and literally becomes fixed figure in the personal lifes of the various charges and love ones that continue to change around her.  I personally recommend "Ruth's Journey" by Donald McCaig.

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