Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blueridge Beauty Blogger: Back to School for Target

If you gave me a choice of shopping at either at Walmart or Target, my answer will always be Target!!  Here is a plan to maximize Back to School Shopping esp. if it is a Tax-Free Weekend like in Virginia or several states:

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Check your school supplies from last year: Knowing what is in your current inventory can help you divert your funds to replenishing need supplies or fulfill your kid(s) Wish List items!! Plus, if your budget allows it stock supplies for next year or donate to local school drive charity!

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Check your Fall/Back to School clothing list!! From undies to new shoes, August is now the time to start throwing away old threads and make space for new clothes, shoes, and accessories!!

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Check out Target Clearance!! Markets and products are always changing and you may find a great deal for less!! Stock up on your fave items at a very low price!

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Check Target Weekly Ad, Coupons, and CartWheel App!!  It pays to make a list and do a little research to save alot!! For those who have smart phones, download the Target's CartWheel App which can give you additional savings along with sales, digital coupons, and discounts with your Target Debit/Credit Card(s)!!

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And last, Target is offering Free Shipping and Store Pick Up!! No need to get up early if you prefer to shop in your PJs and enjoy your morning cafe! Target offers Free Shipping for every order and Free Returns on everything!! Plus, you have the option to pick up your purchase in-store as well!

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My child is starting this brand new school year at a new middle school as a sixth-grader!! I look forward getting my son ready for his first day of school with everything he needs or want at my local Target!!

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