Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blueridge Beauty Blogger: Hello Fresh

Now that September and cooler temps are making a comeback, the chef/foodie side is hitting me like a vengeance!! I love cooking in my Mom's kitchen but it lacks certain features like a vent to pull heat out when cooking and had a rash of failing kitchen appliances which made cooking a little difficult in hot, humid Summer!! I notice that there are a lot of popular food boxes with ingredients and recipes deliver straight to your door!! Right now I am exploring Hello Fresh ( which list what they offer to home cooks:

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1) Mouth-watering dishes that are healthy and delicious

2) Choose what I like and send per-measured ingredients

3) Delivers free to your door (aka no more supermarket stress or hunting for ingredients)

4) Cook healthy, fun "30 minutes or less" dishes

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You get to choose a Classic (omnivore) or Veggie Box and review some of the recipes which I like ranging  from classic to international meals!! My son and I enjoy our Southern and Home style meals but we love trying something a little different and maybe a little healthier once in a while!! Also, my son and I have health issues (my son lives with Autism and myself Crohn's Disease ) so while we can eat most foods there are a few we try to avoid due to preferences and food allergies (cashews and pistachios).

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I did some more exploring and notice the ease of a flexible subscription plan and ways to omit or choice certain ingredients/recipes to fit my family lifestyle!! They deliver their boxes in all 50 states!  This is definitely on my subscription wish list to try out in September!!
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What is your experience with Hello Fresh? Please let this home cook know below!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Ursula! Agreed that healthy food is important.

    1. I have looked at their suggested menus and its tasty but not too "over the top" that not my son will not try...he eats anything!

      Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty