Monday, August 17, 2015

Blueridge Beauty Blogger: Life with Nathan

For the longest time, I gave a lot of thought how I would approach this part of my life..not just being an #AutismMom but a #BlessedMom of an amazing son, Nathan!! I will share what I do know about my journey in motherhood with my child!

(Personal: Me with my son, Nathan, Spring/Easter 2015)

I will be sharing the ups and downs of our life including our struggles and accomplishments!! Just this year, my son is speaking more (he's nonverbal), enjoying arts & crafts ( I got enough for an art gallery), cooking together (he is an adventurous eater and young cook), loves to read, and so much more!! I am happy to share about our family and our community and becoming greater than Autism!!

(Personal: Nathan dressed for Sunday School)

Are you parent or professional who knows and loves  an Autistic child? What questions do you have for us?

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Ursula aka Mom aka Blueridge Beauty Blogger

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Your son is so handsome! I have a couple of friends who's kids have Autism to varying degrees. They say it's a challenge but so rewarding too!