Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blueridge Beauty Blogger Loves Target Beauty

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I love shopping for beauty and related essentials at Target because its an experience for me!! Just like no one eats just "one chip" out of bag is the same as a woman saying just "give me a minute" in Target Beauty section!! I love how Target markets brand items along with specialty brands and their Target Up and Up brands for all of my beauty needs!! Some folks think its "pricey" and rather shop at cheaper stores but I know I will get quality products and service every time!!

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I know that for daily essentials that I trust Target's generic brand called "Up and Up"!! I get cotton balls, Q-tips, rubbing alcohol, makeup remover, etc for less than the name brand versions plus I save money!! Along with beauty supplies I also stock up stuff for skin and hair care products too!

There are several cosmetic brands that calls Target Beauty home which I name a few below:

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Pixi cosmetics is famous UK brand which I love a few of their products including their tinted lip balms!

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Sonia Kashuk is a famous American brand of cosmetics and accessories

Target also caters to several organic and natural brands including Burt Bees, Shea Moisture, Weleda, and many more!

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I know towards the end of this week I will need to replenish a few beauty essentials at Target Beauty!! What are your favorite beauty items that you get or what about Target Beauty experience that you enjoy?

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Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty Blogger


  1. I love Target, and I've been enjoying their beauty boxes. What a deal! But I have had a few not so great experiences this year with their limited editions. They announced the info about the Linda Mason/Sonia Kaschuk LE makeup bag collection and I went to the store on the day they were supposed to go on sale to the public. The bags were on the shelf, but I was told they couldn't sell it to me because they wouldn't be available till Easter Sunday 4 days hence. No one apologized for making a mistake on the release date. And why put the products on shelf if no one can buy them? I wrote to the company and never received an apology or a satisfying response. Next problem, the Lilly Pulitzer limited edition. Just about nothing available in my store and everything sold out in minutes online. So I am a little bit disillusioned with Target at this moment.

    1. Thank you for your honest comment about Target Beauty!! I saw on another blog that we might get another Target Box in September!

      Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty