Saturday, September 12, 2015

Blueridge Beauty Blogger: Handling Hopes and Disappoints in Sunday School Promotions

Last Sunday was the first weekend of September, in which at the church that my son and I attend goes through a "Promotion Sunday" for all the Sunday school kids.  After 9 yrs of being blessed to have a Special Needs Sunday school classroom, it does pain me as an Autism Mom watching kids be promoted to "regular" classes based on their age groups but my son Nathan still attends the same class and room year after year ! This year, a few of the boys on Autism Spectrum, ranging from various abilities, were able to transition either fully or a few minutes in the regular Sunday School classrooms! But not Nathan. My friend, fellow teacher, and mother of two Autistic sons told me about the changes that were going on in the class room while I watch my son go get hugs from his teacher and her husband then played at the kitchen set (Nathan loves food and the kitchen!!). I told her that we had mostly good Saturday despite a few setbacks but I still felt that gnaw of disappointment of knowing there are some kids who are progressing or being able to transition into regular classes but not Nathan.

As Christian mom, I continued to seek God's grace and understanding  for my disappointments of not meeting "childhood milestones", even on Sunday morning at the start of the school year! I keep in perspectative of how He sees my son Nathan as a unique individual not based on Man's limited milestone chart!! After services, Nathan had a good day with his Sunday school classes and mentions "hungry" when I pick him up!

My personal experiences of being a Christian Mom or Autism Mom may not sound "perfect" to you, the Reader, but these are my stories of my life which I am happy to share with you!

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  1. I hope that his Sunday school class is able to best meet his needs--I can understand how you wish that the class transition experience could be the same for him as it is for the other kids.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! The last few Sundays, Nathan became more of a class helper and more art and puzzle tasks which he loves!

      Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty