Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#Bookreview of January 2016: The Wise King

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I enjoyed reading medieval biography particular how the Spanish Philosopher King Alfonso X, who was also called El Sabio "The Wise King! In his early youth, this young Spanish prince sought out wisdom in order to effectively rule and create prosperity for his Spanish kingdom! A Renaissance man before the Renaissance of Europe, Alfonso devoted learning the culture of  Jewish and Arabs that resided in Spain and adapted this knowledge to create laws and books concerning law, literature, medicine, astrology, chess and other games, and centers for learning! He was admired both by his admirers and his enemies with his strategic ruling of his kingdom and future conquests! King Alfonso was a devout Catholic who wrote dozens of songs to the "Mary, Queen of Heaven" in his moments of joy and sorrow during his rein! I highly recommend reading this interesting Spanish King and his impact in Spain and European history! 
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  1. Sounds like a nice book for accumulating information on history. Thanks for sharing!

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Thank you, Chaste! I just loved reading the perspectives of the various characters during this time period PLUS they dispelled common believes of misrepresented groups in during Medieval Spain...women, clergy, Catholic/Jewish/Muslim Faith and Mystic, truth and fables, and much more!


  2. The history of this king sounds pretty amazing! I love reading biographies :)

  3. As a history major, this gets me excited. He was an awesome ruler. Glad you enjoyed learning about him!

  4. Love how interesting the book seems, Ursula ! The cover is also beautiful, will definitely have to order it sometime soon - I loveee history ! xx