Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March #Bookreview Excellent Daughters by Katherine Zoepf

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

I enjoyed reading different people's perspectives how they see and changing world especially for the better not just for themselves but for future generations! Katherine is a journalist who has spent time in the Middle Eastern countries of Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel , Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates follow the stories of young women who are changing the face of their societies! These women shared their dreams and nightmares, hopes and disappointments, pursuits and barriers, and much more! They share their stories of the daily injustices of being young woman in an Arab society while pursing more personal freedoms for themselves and the next generation of women!

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

I love reading the summary first which helped me to understand Katherine and the women she interviewed understand Arab and Islamic cultural especially which is true and false! I admired these smart, brave, funny, and unique lives of the women interviewed by Katherine in this book!

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

The back of this book gave me book titles to explore more about Arab Women and the rise of equality in the Middle East! And just most Western women have misunderstandings about Arab women, so do Arab women have misunderstandings about us, too! I highly recommend reading this book today!

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