Thursday, April 28, 2016

#LifewithNathan #Art and #Autism in the #SundaySchool Classroom

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Last Sunday, Nathan has been doing a theme for his artwork in his special needs Sunday School class which is "Joseph and his coat of many colors"!! First, Nathan is very particular using his stickers and now has evolved his glue/pasting skills to place paper/media in a specific way on his paper!! Now, with minimal assistance from his Sunday School teachers, Nathan created his latest masterpiece and said "Nat the Art" which is "Nathan the Artist"!! And he wrote "Nathan" at the bottom of his paper!! I am so blessed to see my son maturing and using his talents in artwork and being taught by compassionate, skilled teachers in his class!! This is only one of many of Nathan's artwork regardless of living with Autism but can communicate his passions and creativity with the help of art in the classroom!!

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