Monday, May 9, 2016

#LifewithNathan Increasing #Reading Interests at the #Library

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

One of many struggles of any parent is making sure your child 's mind is interested in reading books based on his or her interests! My son, Nathan has various interests ranging from aquatics to building blocks! I went to my local college library in their children section and picked up these two books! First book is "The Lego Book" which is a visual history of  these world famous building bricks which sparked my son's attention in checking out the colorful pages of various Lego creations! And of course he went straight to his Lego buckets to either copy the creations or his unique Lego creation!

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

The second book Nathan loved because it was about fish and ocean life was "The Sign of the Seahorse" which is story based on several acts!! Nathan's eyes light up every time he turned the pages of colorful cast of fish characters about mystery, drama, and romance!! Although my son is non-verbal and lives with Autism, Nathan loves to read books based on visual colorful pictures and his interests!!

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