Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Support My #GoFundMe for #Car for #MedicalAppointments and #CareerSearch

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This is my car, 1998 Ford Taurus, which was given to me for $1 from a church friend until I get that interview for position after graduating from my local college in 2011!! Now its has been sitting in front of my mother's house for going on near TWO MONTHS!! Between postponing and rescheduling my medical, career, and other necessary appointments, I realized that my car is dying and deciding to give a crowdfunding a try!! 

 (Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

Right now, I have sign up with Go Fund Me, in which is a personal crowdfunding website to ask millions of people to realized a person's need like me to get a new vehicle for medical and career search purposes!! Since my car has a long list of items that needs replacing, it will be really difficult to ask not only one or few people to raise the funds for the cost of replacing my car with a new "used" car but if at least 20,000 people like you donate $1 or $5 toward the car's purchase, proper amount of insurance for one year, and taxes/license fees then it will not be too much of a burden and I will forever be grateful for your belief in me to help me in my time of need!

Please donate right now here at this Go Fund Me link below:

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

List of necessary features for my new "used" car includes:

NO Horsepower (It is doesn't have enough power when need in 60 or more mph and dangerous to use on the Interstate plus can't handle daily commutes)

Brakes needs replacing soon

Starter/Alternator dead with aging cap, spark plugs

Aging Engine

Poor Air Conditioning system in the Summer time (myself and my son both take 5 or more medicines daily and can't take summer heat or humidity)

Poor Heating system in the Fall/Winter (we had the radiator flushed several times and used heat coil replace but low or lukewarm heat plus 20 minutes for the glass to thaw!)

No basic alarm system

Bad locking system for doors and windows

Front and Back tires needs replacing

No interior lights for safety and night driving

Busted passenger side glass window (which I used clear tape and cardboard to cover the hole)

Aging gas meter

Poor exterior driving lights (high beams act as regular beams on the highway)

Not Gasoline efficient in city nor highway (I have to make weekly gas tank fill up for an older engine)

No latest  or update safety features as today's family cars

Please donate now at my Go Fund Me page below:

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I used my car for these purposes only:

Medical Appointments to University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Centra Family Medical Center for my continue treatment against Crohn's Disease and other medical related conditions.

Career search via Career Counselors at local Virginia Department resources and at my local college, Lynchburg College

Taking care of my child who lives with Autism to his necessary appointments in town for his medical and therapy appointments

Parent/child appointments at my son's local middle school and community services resources

Weekly church attendance including my son's specialized Sunday School classes

Weekly errands like going to the grocery store and necessary trips

Here is my GO Fund Me link below:

 (Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

These are the last several car repairs in  keeping my aging car alive since 2011 which has taken a lot out of my month $600 month check, leaving little for other living expenses or going without certain needs!

My Go Fund Me page is below link:

Thank you and God Bless



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  1. I'm so sorry to hear all the troubles you're having with your car! I hope you can raise the money and get it fixed!

    1. Thank you so much! Please feel free to share and/or donate to the GoFundme link since its international website!