Thursday, July 7, 2016

By Bloggers For Bloggers Summer Tag 2016

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

I recently got "tagged" by the same similar post as above as mentioned in "Hey Sharonoox" blog here

So here goes answering these questions if I ever went to a Beach below
  1. What is your must bring essentials to the beach? It doesn’t have to be beauty related. Answer: A good beach towel or two, Sunscreen, Bugspray (hey mosquitoes don't discriminate !!), snack, tall water or ice tea in bottle, sunshades, and favorite book to read (I can't swim to save my life!!) !!
  2. Which is your favorite type of swim suit to wear at the beach? An attractive one piece with skort/skirt piece!!
  3. Your preferred things to do while at the beach? In my idea beach dream, chilling with hunk but sweet guy, walk the sandy shores, and lounge and enjoy the gentle breeze off the sea, and sip chilly drinks!
  4. Which snacks would you bring? Fruit or juicy snack snack like gummies!
  5. What color nails would you be wearing? A deep but beautiful sea blue color for my manicure/pedicure and with some gold/mermaid nail art!
Now I will tag 5 friends and add your 5 questions in this Summer Tag 2016. Tagging is loving!

 Taylor Doucette

 Jessica Colditz

 Jasmine Lawrie

 Eva Luna

 Gabrielle Baty

You are welcome!!

Until next time....

Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty Blogger


  1. Oh, i love blue . . . anything! :)) Especially nail polish ❤ Thank you for nominating me! ^_^

    1. Thank you, Eva, and hope to read your post soon! :)