Saturday, July 23, 2016

#ChristmasInJuly Day 23 #ChristmasGift of #ColoringBooks Featuring #Disney #Cars and #Avengers, and #TMNT

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For Day 23 of  my "Christmas In July" blog post, I look over to all the Crayola Color books that he has received over the years for my son's Christmas presents, particularly to balance out the toys Nathan would received from family, friends, and church folks!  I am please to say since last year that Nathan does show an interest in coloring and taking pride in displaying his coloring pages! I gently remind that "First, Then, Next, and Last" when he gets frustrated or wants to leave a picture half finished but always take great pride in writing his name on the page once he does a "Good Job"!!  My hope by next Christmas as an Autism Mom is to use up these books from Christmas past and maybe introduce my son to mature color books to continue his love of art!

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