Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#WellnessWednesday Meal Featuring #LimitedEdition #LeanCuisine #ThaiStyleGingerBeef

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

This Summer my eating patterns lightens up including light breakfast, light lunches, and light dinners!! I eat less chocolate among others items and expert for a farewell BBQ for my younger sister and brother in law who are about live overseas for the military, I went back to eating light again!! I am not dieting but I did lose over ten pounds cutting out sugar, carbs, and watching my sodium intake but I also love the fact that I eat my favorite Asian cuisines thanks to Lean Cuisine Thai-Style Ginger Beef!! Perfect amount of portion control with tender prime rib beef, flavorful sauce, and nice blend of rice and vegetables!! I need to get few more of these because they are limited edition before they are GONE!!

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  1. You've given me lots of inspiration from your post! Wow, you lost 10 pounds just cutting out that stuff, I'm going to do that. The weight has crept up on me and I hate it. Love Asian food, and am also going to try your recommendation. Thank you!