Monday, October 31, 2016

#Halloweennails New #MMPR Inspired #RitaRepulsa Nails using #OPI polishes

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

I decided to use my current nail polishes to create my inspired nailart look of Elizabeth Bank's Rita Repulsa in the upcoming Power Rangers Movie next Spring!! I found this lime green shade based on the OPI Hawaii Collection for 2015 in "My Gecko Does Tricks" for under $2  and applied twice on my nails for the desired effect for my base!

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

Next, I applied "The Man with the Golden Gun" which is 18K gold flakes in clear coat polish over my nails!!

 (Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

On my Thumbnail, to represent the stolen Green Ranger Power Coin, I used a drop of "Golden Eye" and a tiny smudge green dot of "My Gecko Does Tricks"!!

 (Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

Finally to represent Bank's Rita Repulsa being trapped or frozen in time/crystal barrier, I applied a thin coat of "Kitty White" on all my nails!! I felt pleased that I did an inspired nailart look based on the infamous sci-fi villianess!

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  1. I don't know Elizabeth Bank's character, but I like your mani. It sounds like a clever interpretation! And I love that gorgeous, unusual OPI green shade.