Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#GlamGlow #SuperMud Review at #Sephora at #JCPenny

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

I decided to try out this sample of GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment on my dry face which has suffered from past breaksout due infections (I am living with Crohn's Disease, which is auto-immune condition which affects my health) and past acne/blackhead scars!!  With barely any fragrance, I smoothed this gray mud over my face and waited over 20 minutes which dried to light grey coloring before washing it off in the shower!!  My face felt clean and "unclogged" thanks to this mud and can't wait to try this Glamglow product in the future!!

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aka Blueridge Beauty Blogger


  1. I need to try this mask for sure! Glam Glow is a brand I've not tried but the hype is insane. I have to jump on this and get my skin glowing! Glad it did the trick for you <3

    Sending love from A So Called Beauty Blog // Bloglovin'

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Wkd and thank you, Jessica!! This is on my mask wish list for the new year! :)