Saturday, November 26, 2016

Importance of Washing your MakeupBrushes Featuring #Ecotools

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

Towards the end of the week esp on a Sunday evening, I washed my makeup brushes to provide the best health as well as makeup application for my skincare and beauty routine!!  Over the years, I have collected a collection of different brands of makeup brushes including Ecotools makeup brushes! Personally, I don't soak but hold the bristles down and use a mild soap under running warm water and placed on a clean dry towel in warm, dry area (not the moist bathroom but not under an open window either)!! My brushes dry overnight and are ready to be used the next day!! Its important to wash away the dead skincells, old makeup buildup, and bacterial on these brushes before using them on your face...we don't used "used" washclothes, toothbrushes, or sponeges but regularly use clean hygiene tools every time!!

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  1. Very important! I bought an artist's brush drying rack that I sometimes use to drip dry my brushes with smaller handles, but mostly I use a towel like you do. I have brush cleaning spray that I use occasionally, but mostly mild soap or baby shampoo.

  2. I'm so bad at this!! But I should write it on the calendar and do it once a week on a certain day

  3. I loooove my Ecotools brushes and I actually just washed mine tonight. I use bar soap chopped up under a brush mat.

  4. Agreed that it's important to wash the brushes weekly. I washed it with my cleansing foam. Love the Ecotool brushes, they're one of the kind.