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I enjoyed reading the journey of Brigid about finding, losing, and finding her faith again in the latest book by Patterson and Paetro called "Woman of God"! This novel chronicles important moments in Brigid's journey that also touches on current issues about faith and several world issues that effects a person's core values.

 (Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

Meanwhile, the world waits in a for the next selection for new candidate to become Pope, which could include Brigid, which is setting off tensions and unseen dangers for such a revolutionary idea in mainly conservative religious institution.

 (Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

Love the details of Brigid's journey from being a doctor in Africa to becoming a priest especially her dreams where God talks to her!! Despite going through pain and despair, Brigid continues to find meaning in her life and questions her belief and faith in God being more than a Sunday school ritual. As a Christian and non-Catholotic, I have learned a lot about the how the Catholic Church and people created change and reform in the hopes of serving God and humanity. If you look for fictional read about a woman finding her faith and herself in the midst of her life journey, then "Woman of God" by Patterson and Paetro is the perfect book to read at your local library or bookstore! 

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