Friday, April 14, 2017

A Touch of #Butter Featuring #KerryGold Butter

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

Although I do practice a balanced and healthy dishes, but sometimes I want something savory like a roasted, herb chicken w/ butter on top!  I like using butter like Kerrygold which made from milk from grass-fed cows in thin butter pats or slices on top my prepared chicken before placing it into the oven! And I love the taste of my chicken using a little butter on it plus makes a nice rich gravy to put on my mashed potatoes, rice, or other savory sides or veggies!!

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aka Blueridge Beauty Blogger


  1. I love Kerrygold Irish butter. It's amazing! You're right, it really adds that little extra something to a meal. Thank you for reminding me how good it tastes :)

  2. It is definitely worth buying Kerrygold to butter the bread you eat or anything you can taste. For baking, the store brand butter is OK, but for eating, you are right to buy the good stuff!