Tuesday, July 25, 2017

#LifewithNathan Summer #ArtsandCrafts

(Source: Blueridge Beauty)

Despite living with Autism and speech impairment, my young teen son enjoys doing arts and crafts projects this Summer starting with painting a terra cotta pot yellow for a neighbor! It took several coats of craft paint but in the end the results were a rich, vibrant yellow color and my neighbor/friend was happy with this gift!

 (Source: Blueridge Beautyl)

These two pictures show how my son used Play-Doh to create a dragon/lizard with a green under belly and adding small pieces of orange to create a textured dragon scales! We will get air dry dough for best results in these types of creations!

(Source: Blueridge Beauty)

Using his Christmas present of beginners tool set, Nathan is learning to hammer all by himself with a little supervision from his Mom! We attend the Kidswork Shop but that's only once per month and not enough experience use his hammer and nails on a piece of scrap wood. He also gets painting practice on the other scraps of wood, too!

Some folks may think these are just simple crafts or child's play, but for this autism family it is a BIG DEAL when we are using our imaginations to create art, using social skills during craft time, and being able to take pride in creating independently with little supervision!

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  1. It's so good to see him enjoying painting the pot.

  2. your nail art ideas are pretty awesome i have always fallen in love with your creativity im not only a frequent visitor to your blog but also your social media accounts keep up the good job