Sunday, August 6, 2017

#SummerHair and Beauty Featuring #CarolsDaughter Hair and Skin Products

(Source: Blueridge Beauty Blogger)

As most of my followers know my personal beauty budget, I wait and save, save and wait for certain items that are a little pricey for my low-cost beauty budget! But after sales and clearance at local consignment, Walgreens, and my local grocery store I was able to purchase and now start using my trusted hair oil plus two more that are "new to me" from Carol's Daughter! I love each of these products for my summer beauty and hair routines, so read below what I think of each product!

I have enjoyed using the Black Vanilla hair oil which came in a spray to evenly distribute the oil throughout my hair and scalp areas! Almond Cookie is a very addictive perfume from Carol's Daughter with a cult following, which now includes me! And the hand cream in Ocean scent is great for my hands and rough skin areas but has a refreshing scent that's not strong nor overpowering! I can't wait to try out more Carol's Daughter hair and skin products in the future for my hair and skincare needs!

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  1. I love oils for hair and skin. I mostly just stick to using coconut oil though. Thanks for posting your review on these oils. Glad to see they are working out for you.